Vesc type? 4.20 or 6.6 for 6374 motors and 12s

Hello, going to buy a pair of flipsky 6374 motors (85Amp max.) to use with a self made 12s4p vtc6 sony provably and looking for one of their fsesc. Need your help to choose one. Now looking into the dual 6.6 mini (100Amp continious) or the dual 4.20 (50Amp continious). The 6.6 obiously have enought amps, but i dont know if i need that hight number or if with the 50A of the 4.20 i have enought. Not planning to build a race longboard but i like to run fast and i dont know if with the 4.20 i have enought power to run faster as i desire in every situation or its a bottleneck. i Have in mind to not buy the plus version (anti-spark) because i heard isn’t reliable. Thank you so much for the help, little confused since its my very first build.

Don’t buy flipsky ESCs. Look up ‘flipsky issues’ here if you don’t believe. There is a good chance you will end up with a defective product that Flipsky will make you pay to return to them and then will probably send you back another defective product.


But there are good opinions too, don’t seem to be bad quality products. And all the things i see are old and all the people say that they are improving the products. If there are new problems i dont know it. For the price and what i see i think i will let a try to the brand. But idk lets see what other peeople says, maybe im wrong.

They are bad quality products :+1: save yourself some time, money and heartache and research alternative ESCs.


Out of curiosity, what about their motors? I have a new pair which I’m thinking of using to replace my aging sk3’s.

Hello. If use the 12S 48V battery, please use the vesc6 instead of the vesc4; motor 6374 ERPM=190KV48V7 (pole 14, pole pairs 7)=63840, over the max of vesc4 ERPM 60000; vesc6 ERPM=150000. The ERPM=RPM*pole pairs; For vesc4, if use 10S, it’s fine to use the 190KV motor 6374 with 7 pole pairs. Thanks

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Okey i understand you, looking into the prices of best version of 6.6 im thinking maybe to buy the focbox that is only 20€ more expensive. What about that esc? Its more reliable? Good opinions or have problems too?

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Focbox is reliable but still 4.12 hardware plagued with 4.12 hardware issues, 12s with big motors like the 6374 that can draw upwards of 60a, should definitely be paired with 6.0+ hardware. I suggest maytech ESCs preferable their super FOC 6.8 or the standard 6.6 as they’re both pretty fantastic, but also had good luck with MakerX 6.6 and if your budget allows for it the trampa 6.6 as its completely bulletproof. Flipsky motors I would stay away from, heard their new batch was pretty good but ensure you’re getting the new batch.

I’ve owned both vescs. The left side failed on both. They are in china, as we speak. I had to pay shipping back and I got into a dillema where they made me pay their import customs. In total, it’s cost me more to ship their crap back to them and pay the communist taxes than it cost to buy the boards originally.

If you HAVE to buy flipsky, buy their single vescs (So both of your motors won’t be taken down when one side breaks) and buy from amazon, for an easier return in the first month.

Flipsky is capital F fucking me right now. Srsly, check out my post history on the news forum. Stay away.


I haven’t heard many bad things about their motors, apparently they are better at making motors than ESCs :rofl:

But I would definitely suggest that you battle harden them before use. Same goes for nearly any motor.

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