VESC UK Dealer Reputation

Anyone bought from here?:

Also, can anyone make out where the connection is for the motors bullet connectors?

Thanks, Cal

I might be wrong but it looks much like aliexpress version. Which might or might not be bad.

I contacted them when i saw them on ebay. They were quick to respond and answer my question if they contribute to Vedder - which they said they do as a % per.

didn’t buy from them, but encouraged they are at least contributing back to Ben.

contacted them about the CC license issue - never got a response :expressionless:

Did you try in the end to buy from them? I’m looking for a VESC and this one it’s the most promising in terms of money-benefits.

Ive Bought 2 Vescs From Them. Delivered Promptly, nicely put Together With A Heatsink On There. 3 Months Down The LIne And No Problems At All. Why Does This Forum Capitalise Every Word on My Phone?

It’s good to read it. I think that I’ll give them a chance after all. Thank you for sharing your experience!