VESC Useable Max Motor Amps

So after watching this video on VESC 4.xx and VESC 6 I feel these are figures I can believe, understand work with when making choices on motor sizes battery speck wire size of a build etc etc

For those that just want the approx answer

VESC 4.xx 35A continues motor current VESC 6 55A continues motor current. Obviously by the time you stick it in a enclosure with other things or add heatsinks this will change a bit.

I feel this sits in line with why AWG 10 and 4p q30 battery’s are the tried and tested norms all siting between 60-70 amp aprox.

Has any one seen any thing comparing the Flipskie, Focbox or Unity in a similar way?

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Similar test with the Beta Focbox UNITY:

The beta UNITY had a aluminium enclosure on the top, so not sure about the performance difference to a production unit with the orange silicone case.

Interesting the full aluminium enclosure would only add a very little more current I’d guess but I was expecting more than 40amps per motor compared to the VESC 4 and 6. Mabe the smaller size compared to 2 of the VESC could be the reason but it has a heating sink VESC 4

The idea I like most of the unity is the offsetting of duty cycles that is achieved by 1 processor. Making it kinder to you other electronics and battery’s by reducing spikes. But I’m heavily thinking I’m leaning towards VESC 6 over the extra unity I pre ordered coming some time in the future. And once I finished my little commuter build