VESC & VESC tool not programming VESC

Have previously had the VESC operating just fine but after this last firmware update now I can’t control any throttle, it’s like the remote is clearly paired yet no commands are being transmitted. Does this on two different Flipsky 6.6 duals and two different remotes, the vx1 and VanPro. Both remotes work fine. Using the VESC tool app makes no difference. It’s hooked up PPM style. Tried UART too but nothing. I can’t even tell if any changes are really being made since there is no before/after comparisons.

Any one know what this could be?

I think the vesc tool had been having issues lately. The site is down and a lot of people are saying that the software is weird after updating it. Hope a fix comes soon.

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All your electronics are fine. Its just the tool isn’t acting right.