Hey everyone, I’m in need of some help repairing a couple of items. Anyone in the US that can fix these items?

Items needing repair:

  • VESCX issue/diagnostics: board wouldn’t power on using the power button…took it apart and tested the battery (checked out ok). Plugged in a low voltage LiPo then heard a pop and saw smoke…sooooo its toast. I know it wasn’t the LiPo because I tested it out on a focbox just fine.

  • VESC: DRV issues

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I’m hoping to avoid having to ship out of the US if possible.

Why are you avoiding shipping out of the US… I haven’t really got any problem.

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Just trying to keep costs down. If the cost isn’t high I’m ok with it.

@Emerson- Dude bro- little heart to heart

Accept advise when given graciously.

Support the service that was offered by a wonderful northern bretheren on the forum.

0 complaints thus far about @JohnnyMeduse and his wizard like repair.

Not many provide such service - and it’s not worth being cheap when fucking around with controllers.

Much love skate brother

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all true.

@Emerson, dude @JohnnyMeduse is crying right now because you won’t send him your vescs. Do you want Johnny to cry? Every time he doesn’t get to repair a VESC a kitten dies, man. You like dead kittens you monster?

also i send all of mine to him. Several of them have made more than one trip. Sometimes i take one i’ve already sent in and got back and break it in some weird way that i think he’ll never figure out but he always does, damn him.


lol, I suppose the decision has been made. @JohnnyMeduse, I’ll shoot you a PM shortly and work through things. @longhairedboy and @monkey32, what method do you guys use to ship his direction? I’m showing a UPS charge of something like $40. Which would bring my total to $135 with the two vescs to repair.

Go and use good old USPS with tracking.

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USPS in the smallest package possible with tracking, yep.

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Usps is the best

What they said-

Disclaimer: never actually had him service anything for me… know dude has a rep of being a wizard that can vanquish any black smoke beasts.