VESC vs Torqueboards12S ESC

So what are the differences between the two escs and what are the pros and cons?

Top two ESC for electric skateboards in my opinion. Correct me if I’m wrong everyone. I ride torques 12s currently, but have two Vesc waiting in Florida for Christmas…this is my general impression.

Torqueboards is basic programmable ESC but of the two much more plug and play. The acceleration is good, reliability is excellent, plenty of power with 12s and lightly adjustable. A great choice for anyone, but in my opinion definetly the best option for those looking to get into the e-skate world without much background in RC/ electronics.

VECS is the first purpose build ESC for us. It requires some work with software, potential flashing, and overall computer savy but there are awesome rides ahead with the opportunity to fine tune/dial in your ride, built in limiting, more integrated control. Where you may have some stuttering starting from a standstill with torques 12s-Vesc can provide a smoother experience overall ( standstill start and braking) and again more options for customization. I believe the Vesc can handle up to 12s but with some restrictions- also believe it can be set to make your power use more efficient.

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It is also important to consider that the vesc is unprotected and can easily short out even if its covered in shrink wrap. If you want to learn more read this.

The TB’s 12s seems really durable also.

Has anyone heard of one failing?

there’s also the issue of compatibility with the space cell and the T12S. to me that’s a non-issue though because if you want to head over 270 watt hours you’re not going to be using a space cell anyway. so basically if your using anything at all other than a space cell, its an excellent known-good option and one i would recommend if you don’t want to deal with any hassle where your ESC is concerned. But i’ve heard mixed reports regarding the T12S and un-modified space cells. Very mixed.

I have both, and like @longhairedboy said it comes down to what you want, and how you are going to use it.

if you have a space cell, or like tinkering with your esc, than get a VESC. It’s smooth start is much better from a standstill (on unsensored motors) than tb’s too.

on the other hand, if you just want to use a classic programming card, and basically have your esc be plug and play, than torqueboard’s esc is the best option for you.

So if i buy a vesc will it work out of the box?

It shouldn’t if its packaged and shipped properly… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The VESC need some basic configuration before use. Transmitter/motor calibration etc.

what @chaka said.

you can’t just plug in your reciever and motor, and then expect it to just work. You first have to plug the VESC into your computer via a usb cable, and set up your motor and throttle input(it is really easy, and you an see step by step threads about it in the VESC faq section of the forum).

I guess I should’ve have re phrased that then… it will work out of the box, it just takes a little bit of work setting it up before you can use it- basically it’s not “plug and play”

VESC all the way for the DIYers who don’t have an issue with learning how to program. VESC allows you to control a lot more things which the TorqueBoards 12S ESC does not.

Easy programming TB 12S ESC.

I currently use the TB 12S ESC and have like 4 VESCs but haven’t switched over yet… Partly, i’m lazy! :smile: I am switching though.

The start-up from stop is pretty amazing though on the VESC.

True DIYers - go for VESC. Keep It Simple - go TB 12S ESC.

VESC will be programmed out of the box from the looks of it in the near future. Which helps :slight_smile:

Is there a difference where you buy the vesc? like olllin boards vs enertion?

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Not usually, no. I believe Enertion comes standard in his own setup. Ollin allows customization and ships in the USA.

By standard do you mean its configured to the r-Specs?

I’ll list a few of the differences I know of. These are the ones that stand out the most to me.

We assemble our VESCs on FR408 with gold plated pads, this is the standard on 4 layer boards from OshPark. FR408 was developed specifically for complex circuits and has a very low dielectric constant which improves signal quality within the circuit.

The BOM is sourced directly from mouser to insure we are getting genuine components.

We also offer connectors, custom wire length and many other options like heatsinks etc.

Our VESC are fitted with 10 awg instead of 12awg power cables.

Polyolefin heat shrink is applied to all our finished VESC, excluding the “bare bones” option.

We run detection and spin up a motor on every VESC before it is cleared for delivery.

There are a few other differences but like I said, these are the ones that stand out. We test like crazy and so far it seems to be working. We have had a zero rate of failures among our customers.


Thanks Ill check you out. :smile: probably gonna order from ollin

I had one of Torqueboard’s ESCs fail on me. I never got a confirmation from Torqueboards himself, but I think that I had a faulty one from the factory. Nothing I or Torqueboards could’ve done to stop it from frying on me… Torquebords did offer to replace the part for me since it was so new, but that was an ordeal in itself. Its been close to two or three months and I still don’t have parts in hand, nor have I gotten a response to the last email I sent to Torqueboards. So I am very certain I am one of the few/only people who have had a bad experience with the 12s ESC from Torqueboards. Meaning you will have a very very low chance of having a bad experience, and a very very high chance of getting on the road right away.

Also consider what future you may want. If you get a VESC and it fries… then you are SOL. If you get torqueboards 12s ESC, then get a VESC 6-12 months later, you can always use the old ESC as a very reliable backup in case you lose/fry the VESC.

TLDR: Quick and simple, go with torqueboards. Wanna have the best experience possible get a VESC, but know you will have to WORK for that experience.

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Did you not get a replacement and you sent it back? Let me know as we can get that fixed. Things get a bit busy and with different screennames sometimes I’m not sure who’s who. lol. My apologies if so…

Unfortunately i also have a faulty DIY 12v ESC, it keeps cutting out after 5min of riding, it has spent more time on the bench than on my board, im still waiting to see what torque wants to do with it…

Jake… I’ll send you a PM. I think it’s the settings which you are using. Try setting the settings to a lower value. It’s probably causing more heat which is making your setup cut out.