VESC WAND REMOTE soon to arrive from the future

Nooo, this remote is beautiful :heart_eyes:

Triangular / automatic and accurate / simultaneously and instantly / all in one hit / really accurate now / with a water spirit level / on the door of your fridge! And finally I can use my index finger to send acceleration commands!

When can I haz it @trampa?

I have deliberately left the flesh light page on my browser. Like to play with my wifes head.


Can we see a picture with the trigger attachment?


It’s in production. The displays have some lead time though.

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There are so many typos i cant take you seriously. FFS learn to proofread.


@trampa how this is realized? I mean I don’t want to know secret engineering stuff :sweat_smile: but I worry this feature could just stop my board out of nothing. I mean, not every crash goes the same way as well as not every riding conditions are the same.

Edit: and any pictures of the trigger style converted remote would be nice if available.


I already mentioned that with the bangra dancing. Keep up.

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ETA “we hope to be able to deliver the first units to the backers mid to end of August 2019”

No worries, this is triggered when very high G-shocks occur. You can’t create those kind of shocks holding the WAND in your hands. Bringing an unloaded board to a stop does not require a high braking strength. You can ride Off-Road and do crazy jumps without triggering safety stop.


We will also offer small triggers that do not require to mount a grip.


Have you ever visited the site. Lovely gear but its a horrible experience. @trampa shoot your web designer unless its you then that would be advocating suicide and that is not what i’m about.

I’m going to bed now. Nighty night.


Haha! I dropped the remote! Now I get to street my face because it thinks i crashed. Great.


It’s a remote. It should one one thing really, really well. That’s it.

Anything that has to interpret my intent based on an IMU reading is playing with fire. If Tesla and all the other self-driving manufacturers can’t get this right what in the world make you think this is even remotely a good idea?


I have to ask . . . whats the deal with regards to releasing the code or hardware schematics for this product?

Will this be under the same Creative Commons licence as the rest of Vedder’s work or is this separate closed source code and Hardware?

It seems like this product is currently using the VESC name and branding. as it stands now the VESC website at clearly states:

“In the future we will publish the schematics for all official VESC hardware, but not necessarily the complete hardware layout with gerber files.”

and with regards to software:

VESC software is free and open source, and can be found on github.”


Just to be clear here im only asking out of curiosity. It looks like you’ve put a shit time of time and effort into developing this and it looks great. I understand if your deciding to keep it closed source but i think that this should be made clear if the VESC branding is being used.


it wont brake I suppose. so dropping the remote has the same result like triggering the safety feature.

can we deactivate the IMU features all together?

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I’m glad I

don’t live in the US. I’d probably get shot with that thing in my hand.


That’s why you can modify the Wand to match your needs. The Wand is small BTW.

You will find the code once the product is sold.


so if i jump and hit the remote accidently against my leg or one of my protectiors it will not trigger as well?

I like the trigger mod. will it work only with a flashlight from your company or will it be a universal mount?

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NICE, didn’t expect that answer but that’s awesome. Is that hardware designs too?

Its great to see someone trying something new and innovative with remotes, i feel like they are one of the areas that is lacking the moment unless you diy.


I use a leash to secure my remote to my wrist. It’s a bad idea to drop a remote at speed anyway. In that case a mildly and gradually applied safety brake would be a good idea anyway.