VESC want connect to computer

When i connect the VESC to the computer it does not recognize it. When i plug power to the vesc it is blue for a second and then blinks red three times then goes back to blue, don’t know if that is what it’s supposed to do or not. I have tired updating the driver on the computer but didn’t work. I have tried using a different computer still nothing. I bought the VESC a couple weeks ago off of I don’t know what else to try any help would be great, i have read a lot of forums on here and cant find a solution. Thanks

Try different USB cable

The USB cable is the one that came with the VESC from diyelectricskateboard. I dont have another one but i can buy one tomorrow and give that a try.

Hmm that’s weird. I’ve tagged @torqueboards alot lately…

Does the com port show up in device manager?

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This. If you can see the com port - use it.

OR maybe even try the new VESC tool and see if it’s easier for you. Still might need a spare USB cable to troubleshoot. And try to avoid the super long 10ft ones…


I have windows 10. so i dont see a COM Port but under Universal serial bus controllers its got Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor request Failed)

In the vesc tool, close to the top right there should be a drop down menu that says “com port” click it and see if anything shows up

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There is nothing in the drop down

I guess new USB cable is the only thing I’d recommend then

Check your drivers if your using Windows and make sure your computer can see the VESC.

i found another USB and that was the fix it connects now, never though it could be something like the USB cable. Thanks a lot.

Were here to help :slight_smile: