VESC with bad USB port, connect other ways?

I have a VESC with a bad USB connection, I am having it replaced, but I am trying to see if I can use this until the replacement comes.

I have an ST-LINK USB connection, and I also have a HM-10 BLE. The settings on the VESC are set with UART off, using ADC for a hall sensor throttle.

Wanting to know if it might be possible to manually send commands via the ST-Link, or the possibility to use the ST-Link USB or the HM-10 as a com port for the BLDC/Vesc tool?

If you have a soldering iron and know how to use it, it’s pretty simply to touch up the legs on the USB port if that’s the issue, just 4 pins

I’m pretty decent with a soldering iron, it’s just that the PCB copper wiring lifted from the board. I’d need to make jumpers to the resistors in order to get it working. It is something I may have to do, but it’d like to avoid having to do any microsoldering

I had the same problem, solder pads were gone… i soldered the 2 data wires directly to the usb resistors, and gnd somwhere to a gnd pin, you don’t need any other connection for normal use.

I burnt off the negative data pad… What resistor is connected to the data pins?

Is the resistor still there? Then you could solder directly on it.

Hm-10 might suit tcp bridge