Vesc with built in IMU

Is the " VESC 6 MkV - 12s" from Trampa the only vesc on the market with a built in IMU. If somebody knows of any other options please let me know. Thanks

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@b264 may, he’s into these things I think?

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There are many others on the market.

I would not assume the Trampa VESCs have an IMU unless you specifically ask about it because I’ve had some that didn’t have an IMU when I specifically bought them for that reason.

You can also add an IMU for rather cheap if you have an extra UART port. What do you want to accomplish?

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Probably just wants to be able to say I got a esc with an imu. :rofl:

Thanks for the info. I’m building a one wheel and I would rather have the imu built into the vesc instead of adding it to the vesc myself. The VESC 6 MkV from Trampa definitely has an imu in it, but it would cost me about 250 with shipping, so I was hoping someone would know of some other places to buy one.

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If you find a TB6 VESC and add an IMU for $10 and some epoxy it’s almost the same thing except with one less UART port.

Tell us about the battery you plan to use. Is it 12S (50.4V) or is it over (> 51.1V)?

For funwheels, they can definitely benefit from a 15S or 16S battery, that’s for sure.

But what are your plans for battery? ESC choice should be second to this.

I was planning grabbing a battery from one of my other builds. I could use the 10s or 12s both are lipos 50C. They are both 10AH . I think most people use the same hub motor, do you know if they are getting decent torque and speed with 12s. I weigh about 185lbs. I know decent is pretty subjective but in your opinion. Thnks

10S is not ideal for Funwheel builds.

What do you think the ideal battery would be for a diy onewheel?