VESC wont go to a complete stop

So when I fully break the VESC kinda loosed brake power towards the end of the stop but never maker it to 0 or when going from forwards backwards it always jitters in my dual sensored hub motor setup…

Is there a way to configure it so it won’t do that?

You won’t get full stop with electronic brakes. You need physical brakes if you want dead stop.

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Did you set the PPM values?

My boards come to a complete stop. After I step off that is.


Lol yep, same here

this situation is also know as a “Rolling Stop” or a “California Stop”

Hmmm My board always does a complete stop with proper amount of space for what ever speed im going. Ive even make a complete stop going down a bridge, it only does a complete stop for a moment though then it starts to roll slowly i just jump off at or close to that moment.

Like @Jinra said you won’t come to a complete stop with HUB MOTORS with a geared setup yeah you probably will but with hubs you usually just need to put your foot down to completely stop, which I don’t really care about at all lol.