VESC-X firmware and Enertion BLDC tool don't work


I got a VESC-X which I connected to the Enertion Focbox BLDC tool. The BLDC tool obviously doesn’t work with the VESC-X due to a newer firmware which is running on the ESC. What tool should I use and where do I get it from?


I’m pretty sure the enertion tool is only for focbox units. Try the Vedder or Acks tool.

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Thanks, worked!

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hit the solution on your man there dude.

Solution was: get the VESC tool from Vedder

FYI Vesc X is Focbox but anyway the newest Vesc tool will work for you.

I know that, it looks exactly the same but surprisingly didn’t work with the Enertion VESC tool, whereas my new Focbox had no issues.