VESC-X Lab test

Jason asked me to test out the Enertion Vesc-X in a lab environment.

TLDR here are the results:

was able to pull 40A at 50V before the motors would saturate and got a 30degC temperature rise. To go >40A @ 50V I would need to change up my motor jig to load up the system even more. So that’s 2000W constant, and the Vesc-X temperature only raised to 50degC. That means there’s another 50degC headroom and could probably handle up to 90-100A @ 50V constant!

Now my setup:

-15KW power supply -Master-slave motor jig, slave motor has all phases shorted together (this motor was already burnt), the master motor drives the salve -The slave motor will dynamically load up the master motor until it saturates, in this case the maximum load was [email protected]



I will try to find some bigger motors to ramp up the current even more… but do i really need to?


Check your video link.

what do you mean? it’s not working? give it 2-3 mins…

ok fixed, thanks

Test in FOC-mode under heavy load please


@Blasto I agree w @E-Boarding that an FOC test would be great. Even more helpful with a 6374-sized motor at 10S.

BTW @Blasto did you solder together the three motor wires to create resistance for the other motor to push against? That’s a really clever testing jig!

I would like to see a 6374 at lower voltages, like 6-8s to see how does it manage more amps


He is already doing is test at 12S

if this vesc can take more amps I assume it would be now better suited for emountainboard use compared to the ‘‘original vesc’s’’ since a lot of ppl not recommend them for mountainboard use :wink:

Yeah, or single motor builds which happen to have some overheating problems at lower voltages with normal vescs, climbing hills or accelerating fast

Oh ha, my mistake thanks @JohnnyMeduse

@E-Boarding @treenutter Foc mode, sorry i jumped in the video, i saturated the slave motor trying to go over 40A


Yes, i had a motor with two shorted phases, so i didn’t feel bad shorting the leads… up-cycling

@SirDiff i’m trying to show how much power it’s able to handle. With my current motor jig i’m able to handle 2000W no problem

I won’t start testting this and that motor… unless you guys send it to me. Next step would to crank up my motors on my jig… would it be necessary…

@Ackmaniac would your modified version of the bldc tool show the ouputted power in the real time data?

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Sure, works as normal. So you can even verify that in watt mode the VESC only uses like 50% of the max watts at 50% throttle. But you only can see that when the motor has load which you are going to test as it seems.