VESC6 and bluetooth adapters compatibility

Newbie here. I am building a mountainboard. Trampa with Dual VESC6, 12S, and I want to install a Bluetooth adapter.

However, there is a warning in the vesc-project forum. WARNINGs!! What you should not do! stating that “… equipment that was designed for VESC 4 should not be used with VESC Six, until the vendor has stated that it is compatible.”

I already have this Bluetooth Adapter

I check with @trampa, and Frank said that the adapter probably would not work and the software would get messed up… And that TRAMPA is working on a better solution. Or I could check with Roman, at (thanks for the info Frank!)

I also did check with the seller, @oriol360, and in his opinion, the adapter should work, but has no direct experience.

I would not like to risk messing up these expensive VESCs. Has anyone tried this module on a VESC 6?

The connector seems to be ok, There is a match between the BT module and the VESC6 connector

1 blue tdx 2 green rdx 3 4 black gnd 5 red vcc 6

This is a picture of the connector installed, but I am not brave enough to connect the battery and test…

If this thing is made for HW 4.xx, you will probably have issues.


I really think is totally compatible

I don’t think you’ll have any issues. Make sure to connect tx to rx and rx to tx.

there was post just yesterday where someone connected a bluetooth module to their Vesc 4 and the module shorted out the Vesc buck converter so be careful. Metr sells a module wired specifically for Vesc 6 with an 8 pin connector.

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