Vescflashing blue really fast wont power on?

I got my board working again and when I took it off charger both vescs flash blue really fast and wont power on

Sounds like your power problem is comming to haunt you again

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when I put the charger on both vescs turn on and act normaol and flash red 3 times but when I unplug and turn on the flicker fast blue and no power what u think?

I think your battery pack is fucked

blue light is for the power… if it flicker, it is because you don’t have enough power for your vesc… as @blasto said your pack is probably Fucked

Any fault codes? Do you own a multimeter to check your battery?

The vesc does not even have time to power up, no fault code to be read

if it’s turning on whilst being charged you will be able to see the fault code (say if it is lack of power) as the moment you unplug it will rapidly drop in voltage and output “low voltage” error code.

@Goo-shtick, read my last post in your other thread. Follow @Namasaki’s advice on how to check your individual cell voltages. They should not be under 2.5V