Vescs and motors in the UK/EU any interest in GB?

Anyone have any thoughts on getting some motors and vescs in the UK/EU. I like the look of Maytech motors but on the face of it they seem very expensive. Ideally some nice 6355 motors for dual drives or 6374 for singles, around 190kv? Possibly some larger abec clones too? Possibly thinking of a group buy to try to get some good prices. Anyone interested or have any input?

i’m in-terested!!

I´m starting with two trampa builds soon and want to have the sealed version. But only if it´s not too fkn expensive. So I´m interested in 4x 6374

I would be in for VESC

I was thinking about sourcing some calibre clones, mounts and maybe pulleys…

There seems to be a pretty good group buy for mounts at the mo? Also pulleys if you are using big wheels?

That’s a fair point. Decided to hang fire until this board is finished anyway. I must resist stock piling parts for another board…

I would love to source some wheels, can never find them in the UK

Some good manufacturers of motors (both offer sealed motors):

Hope this helps a bit

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Good to know! But couldn´t find any sealed motors at freerchobby

Email them or contact them on Alibaba. They don’t feature it on their website or their alibaba site, but they will send you some pictures if you ask them.

I’ll have good look tonight and see if I can pull something together.

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I’m currently in a US group buy but since there seems to be low interest, i might be willing to jump on this group buy…

What sort of money are people prepared to pay for a 6355/6374 motors respectively with keyway and silicone phase wires? In the U.K. Slowly finding out why there aren’t many available…

Interested in the vesc if you can get a good price.

Seems to be the source of hummies hub motors and also for evolve GT.

Yeah BH makes Hummie’s and Evolves I believe

I ll be there too !