VESCs crash under load. Did I kill my VESCs

I recently switched to FOC from BLDC and it was working fine for a few miles. Then it just stopped responding under load(when I’m riding on it). The motors still spin on the test bench. I even switched back to BLDC but it’s still not running under load. No faults showing in VESC tool. Did I kill my VESCs? Did I kill one of them or both of them?

My setup: Dual TB 6355 motors 10s5p Samsung 30q Two flipsky 4.12 VESCs over CAN

Motor max: 40 Motor min:-40 Battery max: 20 Battery regen: -10

Are you using sensors? If you push to start rolling first, does it work then?

Yes I’m using sensors. Push to start doesn’t work either.

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Did you do motor detection and hall sensor detection in FOC mode with no belt on the motor?

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I did it with the belt on the motor.

Try it with no load on the motor and if that doesn’t work, post screenshots of your settings after clicking “read” on each screen

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Motor max: 40 -> 60A Motor min: -40 Battery max: 20 -> 80 Battery regen: -10 -> -15

You can easily change these settings. Check your startup boost to 0.04 for more power out the stand.

EDIT: My bad, -15(!)

Battery regen should be less than zero

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I’ve tried different settings already. I think it’s a hardware issue. Maybe a faulty BMS that’s limiting current output? I’ll try to run it without the BMS.

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So I tried to run it with BMS bypass but still no luck. Power is still cutting off under load. No idea what it could be now.