VESC'S dying while programing using the Vesc-Tool


I am building my first build. The first time i programmed my Vesc in Vesc-Tool (FOC mode) everything was ok, then i wanted to change the braking force a bit and while i was programming the TorqueBoards Vesc just died. I bought another one, this time the FOCBOX, it died the same way. I have no idea if I am programming the Vesc’s wrong or if they die from another reason. Does anyone know how to help? Or should i just use the BLDC Tool

I am using this guide for Vesc Programming:

My Setup:

TorqueBoards 6355 Electric Skateboard Motor TorqueBoards single motor mechanical kit TorqueBoards Nano remote 3x 3s Zippy Compact 2700mah lipos in series(going to change them)

They died so you cannot use any of them? They don’t power on at all? Not for programming and not for riding?

Yes, they don’t turn on at all. I can’t connect them to program them because the computer doesn’t recognize them. The LED lights on the vesc don’t turn on also.