VESC's for parts/repair

Hi guys,

So I just killed two torqueboards VESC’s and I don’t have the time (but I do have the equipment >_>) to diagnose and repair them. Both were connected via CAN bus, one to power already, and when I plugged in the other one and got the spark in the XT90, both of them were lights out, and one of them has a high pitched whine.

I know some of you guys here might want to practice SMD repair and all that so I’m trying to get rid of these to someone who might have some use for them rather than just stowing them away. They have 5.5mm bullet connectors on motor side and XT90’s on the battery side, just the same as the $100 ones on the DIYES site.

Name your price. Shipping from Berkeley, CA.

@JohnnyMeduse are you fixing these?

I can’t see why not… :wink: