Vescs, Motors, Nano X, 218mm Trucks and more - AUSTRALIA

For sale (In Australia). Can post anywhere or pickup in Melbourne.

2 x TorqueBoards 6355 /190KV Motors (Only used for about 5km) - $150 the pair

2 x TorqueBoards VESCs Latest Firmware/Hardware (Only used for about 5km. Can re-solder phase wires) - $120 the pair

2 x TorqueBoards Motor Mounts - $80 the pair

2 x TorqueBoards 218mm Extra Long Trucks (Never used) - $90 the pair

2 x Enertion Wheels Pulleys (Never used) - $30 the pair

2 x Enertion Belts 12mm (Never used) - $10 the pair

1 x Enertion Nano - X remote (Never used) - $70

4 x Bigfoot Wheels 80mm (Never used) - $60 for four

Or $550 the lot.

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Nano-x PM sent.

Where are you located in oz?

He’s in melb

Thanks @Funktapus I just received the vescs today. Haven’t tested them yet but they look in good nick and with a little holder sheet too.

Time for a build thread

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Hey man - have you still got the TB trucks for sale? Got a buddy who might be keen :blush:

Motors and mounts. Pm’d cheers

30 euro for pulley ?!?! I want the 2 pulleys but 30 euro Danm thats crazy

Hey just seeing if/what you have left of the items? Keen on the trucks if you have them. I’m in Brisbane

30 aus dollars my friend.

Hi Mate, trucks are still available. Thanks Nick.

What else do you have available?

i was about to tag u @kalebludlow lol

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I PM ed you

Do you have trucks, motor mounts, vesc forsale still?

He don’t have the Vesc, I bought them hehe

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Hi do u still have the motors for sale?

Are the TB218s still available? is it possible to ship internationally?

wanting to buy the tb218’s. In sydney nsw