VESCs Randomly died while setting up the CAN bus addresses

Hello team,

I have an issue during the setup of my Vescs (while adressing the vescs for canbus) the master vesc kept disconnecting from BLDC then the slave vescs lights turned off so i unplugged the power to them both now neither one will power up or connect to BLDC, motor detection for both vescs worked fine and all settings saved previously. I have posted some images below i cannot see any faults with the pcb, any help or ideas would be appreciated!

Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur

-12s ( 2 x 5000mah 6s packs in series) -192kv SK3 motors

Maybe wrong can bus polarity?

I had a look and it and its all good, it did work briefly before it all died

I’ve had 2 sets of enertion vescs fail with canbus. I attributed mine to bad solder connections on a r spec motor. Were you doing motor detection at the time?

interesting thanks ill have a look through that thread. I had already done the motor detection on both vescs.I was just setting up the addresses when things went a bit nuts. its a tad frustrating lol

Where is you CAN bus wire? How does it look like?

Do the vesc still light up when you open them, if not can you check if the can tranceiver is broken. This kind of damage occur when you short the can connection.

C25 on vesc-X is this one:

Also, make sure you don’t damage the dissipative tape on the mosfet.

Sorry @Jebe I’ve read your thread and the damage seem more to be the motor, not the can connection.

I’ve bought 2 new motors, my concern was that the slave motor was taken out as well. I will be going with a Y connector splitting the ppm signal next, just waiting for my vesc 6’s. Appreciate your advice bud, thanks for replying.

Thanks for the reply. No lights but my receiver still has power, I also have dead short across the c25 cap.

I’m not at home atm but it was just standard 2 wire canbus connection

so you to change U401 witch the can tranceiver chip.

So just to confirm I’m testing from the c25 cap to the 5v and I should get open circuit?

Between C25 and 5v - open circuit Between C25 and can H - short circuit Between C25 and can L - short circuit Between C25 and gnd - short circuit Between 5v and gnd, canH, canL, gnd - open circuit

Thanks for your input it’s much appreciated!

Just to close the thread if anyone reads this it was the transceiver chip in the end




when you removed it could you connect with the bldc tool and run as a single?

Yep you can connect to it after the chip is removed

might be kind of late in the game to even mention this but skip the CAN altogether.

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Yep I’m just running it with a y splitter and no canbus atm

I wish I had have…was waiting for a response from enertion which never came and blew two more vescs :frowning: