Vescs wanted — Working or not

I’m looking for vescs working or with drv fault just hit me up with prices and what you got.

I’m in Aus btw but don’t mind paying for shipping

I’ve got a whole bag of broken VESCs. Where are you living in Aus?

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Down near Albury wodonga, rural. What sort of damage do they have?

DRV chip damages, and shortages on others. I’ve got 7 or 8 of which I only sell the potentially good ones (maybe 4 or so). I am in Sydney btw.

How much would you be looking for per Vesc or for a pair?

Hey, I’m also a sydney-sider, MR schulerbible Would you sell me two I’ll pay upto $150Aud

Vesc wanted, Dead or Alive :smile:


Let me think about it until tomorrow. I will take a few pics and post it here, k?

Are you with ESK8 Sydney?

No problem, take your time

Yes I am. & I could meet locally to you’, do you have a specific vesc model or is it limited to maytech. I amn after 2 Tb vescs

Maytech and others. I’ll have to check. Post pics tomorrow!

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I have a Maytech I used for a full 6 hours before i got a drv fault. The thing is brand new. What are you looking to give for one?

Ok thanks just a few questions, have you previously tried to repair these? Are there any other esc apart from maytech? And if so what is the damage to them? I am really only looking for drv faults or other small repairs

Edit: I don’t really want the maytechs too much as they most likely fail again after repair

I tried to unsolder a drv chip on one of the other VESCs but that’s it. VESC 3 and 7 are from a different brand as far I can tell.

What sort of price are you looking for? And do you have any idea what is wrong with Vesc 3 and 7?

Here’s 5 psc

Not a bad deal but I only really need 2-3. I also don’t feel like investing that much into broken vescs that I don’t know what is wrong with them

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Make sense. :slight_smile:

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