VeteroK - Custom veneer deck(10s4p, double 6355 motors, Torque boards mounts, VESC 4)

I’m creating this topic for saving history of created by myself boards. I’m already sold this board to my good friend.

First idea of template18879111_485583315106528_5054813763044114432_n

New custom template(wider and longer)21479881_264307844077390_6953402492872818688_n

Board matrix21107570_749529985233678_2507873181281288192_n

Veeneer, good wood glue and testing vacuum bagging20969165_111866629524785_8265093137228103680_n

Draft cut 21480373_526823114324978_5255998238871257088_n

Milling notch and gluing threads for electronics box 24254366_150531978904349_5702443012500488192_n

Placing carbon on top 25021873_1974586636200902_6232827712134709248_n

Vacuum bagging of carbon electronic box (1xfiberglass + 2xcarbon) p.s. big thanks to @whitepony for detailed builds! 21985415_1700102596697803_5359196342964977664_n

Curing box for electronics 22159265_354660691643830_6001684894525161472_n

Cutting box for electronics 22344887_731072537103641_2997613969738301440_n

Joining cells with capton tape 19436373_232847477226876_1285531987125207040_n

Power line reinforcment with copper conductor(after welded nickel strip):slight_smile: 19535448_348419462241793_3264181024770228224_n

Battery ready! 19533723_311380855955261_7844150663926775808_n

Some VESC soldering here :slight_smile: 29740281_159101604756500_8004508520667938816_n

After varnishing 30077840_237938110103306_4255286303605653504_n

Ready to go! 30087975_162686217749624_5337709278713085952_n


ESK8 build porn!:heart_eyes: And I like the name!


This is pretty sick!

Does the deck have a concave?

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Thanks, Man! New build starting soon, so I must summarize my last work :slight_smile:

And some fun video :smile:

Thanks! Yep, this deck has a concave - flat-cave type skateboard-concave-shapes


This is really nice! Meticulous work. Hopefully the remote won’t have interferences from the carbon since both the deck and enclosure has it.

Thank you! Meticulous is my curse :slight_smile: The remote is working fine because antenna is going outside of the enclosure through small hole.