Vibration and ghost shifting

Hey Guys! First post but ive been reading multiple threads and this whole community has been super helpful. I just built my first board. I got the Pro1 Conversion kit on collections/electric-skateboard-conversion-kit/products/pro1-electric-skateboard-conversion-kit with the 83mm wheels The issue that im having is that after about 5 minutes of riding. My feet turn to jelly from all the vibration. Would tire wheels work better for me to reduce vibration and could i affordable retrofit them to this board. Also at higher speeds. its a bit hard to explain but it feels like my wheels are shifting on the axle and i lose turning control, What is that and how could i remedy that? also does this have to do with the fact that i didnt put in bearing spacers? i know its a nood question but i basically built the kit without instructions (they didnt send any :frowning: ) Ask me any build questions you need and i can send pics as well if you need

When you first start riding your calves and feet will feel like they are on fire until you get use to the road and vibrations. Bigger wheels will help a little, but it’s most likely that your not use to it yet.

The thing your referencing about higher speed is called speed wobble and is very very bad. I have face planted a few times because I was all giddy to ride a board for the first time and forgot to tighten the trucks (that is how you fix it, tighten the trucks with a T tool).

Stop what your doing, pull the wheels, pull the bearings and install spacers. Don’t forget the speed rings.

While you have them out make sure the bearings are still sevicable and the cores of the wheels are distended or melted.

No spacers could lead to core collapse and total street face, not a good day.


Ohhhh, I thought he was describing speed wobble… no bueno… add speed rings asap


ok defenitly thanks for the tip @JLabs @mmaner what are speed rings? are they the washers that came on the trucks?

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Yep. Really small washers. The bearing spacers go between the bearings inside the wheel core. The speed rings go on the hanger, one on the inside of the wheel, one in the outside, then the bolt.

Thanks @mmaner Ill let you know how that works out when i get a chance to work on the board. Any advice for dealing with the shitty NYC streets. Feels like my feet are turning to jello. Or is it because of the bearing spacers that im getting more vibration feedback? Im a little bummed out because it get almost unbearable after like 5 minutes? could it be my deck?

hah… you guys thought speed rings and wobble… i saw ghost shifting and immediately thought about the v-tech response you get from the 4.12s as they hit the motor’s efficiency zone


The deck is prolly fine. I’d fix the wheel.problems and then try it again. If you want numayics I’d chexk out @psychotiller 6 shooters on surf rodz rkp or tkp trucks, it TB 218s if you wanna save some money.

thanks, ill let you know man

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