Vibration damping / Suspension / Whatever you want to call it

Alright, so first things first, I’m a first time builder.

I’m building a board for commuting. Mainly to school, but not exclusively. For this reason, the board has to be small, to fit in my locker. Not necessarily a penny, but definitely not a longboard.

None of the above would be a problem, if everything worked as I expected it to. On the first test ride, I came to a conclusion: The board is a lot of fun to ride, but only until the first crack in the pavement, or a ledge. (My city is full of pretty big cracks. One or two wouldn’t be a problem. Having one or two / 10 METRES is more than just annoying)

I thought having 97mm wheels would be enough, but as they aren’t the softest, it is unrideable. Not necessarily the board, but the sound that it makes when it hits something, worries me so much. I can’t think of anything else, than the fact that all this stress gets to the motor :sweat:.

I have caliber trucks, and a stiff deck, so basically the wheels are my only chance to kill vibrations.

My qustion is the following: WHAT SHOULD I DOOO??? (That is cheap and not too bulky :neutral_face:)

Here are the options I have found:

1, TRAMPA from the man: @okp


  • Beautiful
  • Probably goes over everything


  • Pneumatics have to be replaced often, if ridden on concrete -> even more expensive.

2, This…


  • Relatively inexpensive (50 euros/pair)
  • Looks promising


  • Never seen it tested, maybe it isn’t functional in real life…
  • Not that slick
  • Raises board
  • New holes have to be drilled.

3, Avenue suspension trucks


  • Kind of works
  • Cheaper than trampa
  • Looks better than option “2”


  • Pain in the ass to get it working
  • Uncertain of what happenes at high speed
  • Still pretty expensive (You have to buy: the trucks, risers, maybe even combine the baseplate with other trucks like evolve)
  • Not sure if it makes that big of a differance

4, MBS 100mm all terrain wheels (You don’t need a picture) This might be combined with options above


  • Looks good
  • Compatible with enertion pulley, which I already have
  • Everyone likes them


  • Texture wears off
  • (espensive)

5, Flexible deck


  • might help if combined with an option above


  • Don’t know if there is a flexible small deck out there
  • Batteries don’t like to flex (Or if they do, it’s firework time)

6, Freeboard bindings


  • Maybe I could jump over some cracks???
  • Looks cool
  • Not that expensive


  • Maybe I could NOT jump over cracks…
  • Maybe I would land on my face…
  • Makes the board bigger

7, Let the sound be Leave it as it is


  • Cheap :slight_smile:
  • No modification needed


  • Poor little motor
  • The evil sound will stay

These are the options I found. I would be more than happy to hear of other possible solutions, but even if you can’t think of any, please tell me your opinion.

Is there anyone, with the same problem?

Please don’t suggest good shoes, or similar, I am worried about the board, not myself :grin:.

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nice blue board, I’m wondering whose board is this :slight_smile: you should quote the source / refer to the builder (me)

ok sorry :slight_smile:

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you could check the bustin bonsai build I did. have you some photos of the roads of your city ?

I will check it out for sure! And I will try to take pictures of roads.

BTW: I knew that little monster was yours. It is easily my favourite build on this forum. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that “bustin bonsai” has a similar structure as mine currently. (…just cleaner and better in every way possible… :slight_smile:)

Here are pavements, and ledges: (Sorry for quality, this is taken from google maps. I didn’t feel like going outside.)

Cracks in pavements like these: (Of course there are better and worse roads, but I expect my board to fly over these)

And ledges like this: (I don’t think I ask for much)

Woah, I thought the roads in my area were bad! Let’s start with the underlying question here: what is your budget, and how soon do you want to make the changes? (I.e., are you willing to wait- and suffer a little longer- and save more towards a better but more expensive solution?)

you could use the little cruiser on these areas; it’s fun to use these bumps/holes at speed. That could be a good playground!!!

Well, I am a student, and I am basically out of money, so I will have to wait anyway. I am good at waiting though…

I don’t really understand… I don’t mind bumps, but I am afraid my electronics do. Thats my problem.

Wait, so you just want vibration and shock protection for your electronics? Cause that’s a bit easier to deal with.

no worries, they will not affect it that much :slight_smile:

I am annoyed that whenever I hit something, the motor gets the shock. I don’t really worry about the batteries, and the esc. A bump is only a problem for me, if it throws me off the board…

MBS 100mm all terrain wheels are worse than 97mm ABECs in 75a, you can remove them from your list

I do use the Avenue-Setup, they do make a difference but not that much, not sure if they are worth the “pain in the ass”, I like them but other people don’t

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Thanks for the reply! I knew you were one of the few people who tried the avenue, so do you see any potential in option number “2”?

Do you mean just because a bump sounds really bad, the motor will not be affected?

Nr. 2 look interesting, never seen that before and I’m not sure if that would work, where is the guy who did this, maybe he can share his experinces…

I first heard about those things in this thread:

After that I did some research, and fount the same thing in aliexpress: (I don’t know how shipping works from TaoBao)

The picture was also found on aliexpress, so I don’t know if it was ever used in this forum.

Because the motor mount is attached directly to the hanger, the only way to reduce its vibrations is to get smoother riding wheels. Thicker, more rubbery or spring loaded riser pads will help soften the ride for the rest of the electronics though.