Video: Raptor 2 Tour Long Beach

So who is open for a performance day in August where we can measure a few boards in optimal conditions (full battery, etc). I’d like to do:

50m race (test of acceleration) 100m race (test of top speed) Figure 8 time attack- 50m cones (test of acceleration and turning)

Let’s start settling the arguments about best production board and best custom board. I will also track record times so that people in other parts of the country can challenge.


I’m assuming that for the Raptor to be in the production board category, it would need to have the production tune on it. However it could also compete in the custom category with a custom tune. Does that seem right?

Id love to join this, @MoeStooge is too Im sure and so is my early kickstart brother haha.

@BigBoyToys Someone was asking about your brother’s board in the Youtube comments. I gave them some of the specs that you shared in another thread.

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My brother has a spot near the Torrance airport that locals have been using for gokart, minibike and goped racing for years. We’ll be left alone as long as we dont cause a ruckus. That’s middle ground between the Valley and OC. How about next Sunday 11am? Im out of town for work this weekend.

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The 13th? That would work for me. Torrance is a decent compromise. How is the surface there?

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Its asphault and in decent condition as far as I remember.

Ok. I just created the event thread. Should be fun!