Videos of my Evolve gen2 board evolving into a new board

Hi fellow builders!

This is my first post in the electric skateboard forums. I’m a videographer and love to repair my electric skateboard riding and make modifications, so If you find this interesting or have any comments feel free to tell me what you think!

My first “inspiration” vlog lol on longboarding (beware its in Polish but has english sub’s)

Timelapse of truck replacement

Another cool timelapse Timelapse build log

Some cruising in slow motion

Cruising around town

Belt tensioning mod I had issues with the belt loosening even after maxing out the space in the motor mount. I added a belt tensioner and a bearing with a spacer. Used the screw thread from the motor mount and it makes a world of difference no belt skipping at last

Hope you guys enjoy the videos :slight_smile: Thinking about daily vlogging about this and keep the theme about electric skateboard mods. Some inspiration comes from Casey Neistat but I would like to focus more on the builds and mods rather then cruising around places. What do you think about a show about this?


Love the slow motion. Well done😎

What size are those flywheels? I have a set of 97 mm flywheel that I would like to use on my evolve, but i don’t know if it will fit with 36 pulley teeth