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Hi, i am looking into the scene for quite a while now. A friend of mine who made a build on his own had an accident and he gave me his longboard.

Now I got 2x BRD 5060 280KV motors and I think Evolve Trucks. I am not sure if this trucks are especially for longboards and too long for the build i plan to do.

The Riptide Deck I like the most because of its cutout handles and the small size. I am still not sure what ESC + Remote would be the best/priceworthy and if there are similiar/cheaper alternatives for the Riptide Deck.

The right enclosure is also a problem for me because it should be reliable and kinda water proof. I plan to ride it also in cold and rainy days :slight_smile: Please also tell me if offroad wheels like this one are more practical:

Of course I dont want to spend to much money but i am willing to invest also in good parts. I am kindly asking for advice.


IMG_20190223_162755835 IMG_20190224_191421736 IMG_20190224_185917509 IMG_20190223_162813129 IMG_20190224_185946221

If you need some parts like wheels, gears, caliber 2 180mm trucks, and a mount. I have some stuff

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Yes i am always open for new parts where do you life?

Los Angeles

Which Parts would fit my board as described above? :smiley:

The rough stuff wheels are still made out of urethane so would still be susceptible to slipping on wet roads. You’d need either rubber wheels like these:

or pneumatic wheels. Or you could try some harfang wheels, but idk how successful those have been for people riding in the rain. You seem to have flywheel clones, so you might need new pulleys as well if you swap wheels.

Hard to tell from the pictures, but the deck looks a bit thin / easy to break. Might be worth getting a new deck and enclosure to match. (Enclosures integrated into the deck are the hot new trend!) Does the deck flex a lot? If yes, then that will make finding a water-tight enclosure even harder for this particular deck.

Anyway, it looks like you already have 2 ESCs on the board, looks like you might just need a remote and a battery pack to revive this board. You’d have to count the teeth of each pulley to be sure, but with 280KV motors I think your board could be way too fast on a 10s Li-ion battery.

P.S. If I were you, i might just try to buy a few Lipos and a cheap remote, get the board in a working state, and then sell it off to someone, to start fresh with a little more cash in hand.

Yay… one more Austrian… Now we are seven (?)… I think… :slight_smile: