Vinyl plotter with computer and program installed

Not sure if anyone in the community would like to get into making stickers for yourself or as a business. This is what I grew up doing, weeding vinyl. My dad was always self employed like myself and now he has passed on and all the old business stuff still works. We haven’t used it in years but I just plugged everything back in and its all running and purring great. I’m letting it go for a very low price. $300 for everything. I have no use since I’m not going the vinyl sticker business. Although I’ll miss seeing this big brick in my garage.IMG_20190322_123427809 IMG_20190322_123434141 IMG_20190322_123419172

I also have this rolling kitchen island for sale as well. $150. IMG_20190322_125144428

United States only unless you can find away to get it shipped to you. Thanks and ride safe


Vinyl weeder here too man! Graphtec is a nice brand. Good luck with your sale, this is a great price.


How much for the Laudromat and drier back there?

Haha those are brand new. We had to move out our house cause of mold that the landlord refused to fix so they are in storage lol.

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