Visiting Paris from the home of Subsonic Skateboards

August 3rd to 13th I’ll be in Paris for the games.
Traveling from Seattle WA usa home of @Subsonicskateboards If anyone needs a board and lives or will be in Paris let me know. 20180620_171350-01


Seattle REPRESENT!!! Show off that cascadian style

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@Dmaxx are you from seattle? I’m in the Bellevue area

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Does anyone in Washington have a spot welder

@Trdolan03, yeah i live over by Lake City.

Lol, home of the sea chickens xD…

I used to live in Kingston on the Res next to the point

Small world! I use to live just off Lake City way. I use to bus it to Seattle and Bellevue … good times!

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Hello, I live in Paris but i go to holidays the 5th… If you want to ride the 4th i will be happy to show you the best spot. Cheers

Yes indeed live on Capitol Hill. I grew up in Bellevue

I noticed all the locals leave Paris due to the heat. Lol. Have you heard about Enertion tour. They’ll also have some group rides

Hey I’m in Paris too ! I’ll happily tag along for a ride :beers: Let us know when you land here !

I’ve got one but I’m away for about 4 weeks.

Escaping the heat? Lol. So I was reading your other post about traveling with batteries. Think a flat 10s2p would slide?

That would be a tough sell if they take notice. I would split the pack into (2) 5s 2p packs.

Ya. Safer than sorry. I had custom rebuilt onan drive taken once thinking that was small enough.

so what bring you to Bellevue

I’m 15. Born and raised there

Oh okay. You know of any esk8 rentals in Paris?

Any esk8 rentals in Paris? 4th time visiting and no board. Lol

Not to my knowledge! There is an expensive shop near Les Halles tho, they have one Boosted and many scooters. Maybe the rent the Boosted

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