Voice Speedometer App

Salutations riders,

I was just browsing Google Play looking for a speedometer app and I stumbled upon a “Voice Speedometer App”. I liked the idea of my phone telling me how fast I’m riding without looking at the screen. I haven’t tried it yet (in bed already) but apparently the app can tell you how fast you are travelling periodically. You can set the notification to x seconds - to whatever you feel appropriate. You can also set an upper and lower speed limit and trigger an alarm whenever you hit either.

This could be potentially useful to you wildlings doing speed tests wanting to know your current speed every 2 seconds for example. Just plug in some earbuds, fire up the app and you’re good to go. This could also increase safety as your will not be tempted to look at the screen and get distracted.

Will try it soon (maybe tomorrow?) If anybody else knows this app feel free to share your thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice! 101010…

Somebody needs to make a remote with a voice accelerometer, and we can pair it up with the voice speedometer and set up a feedback loop and stand back and watch what happens.

that’s a great idea. every time someone tells me they want a speedometer on their board or controller i cant help thinking they’ll be looking at it and then fall off. be nice with some loud speakers.


Gave it a try commuting to work today. Not bad. I had a female voice set to tell me my speed every 2 seconds which was a bit annoying for commuting but I can imagine that setting on speed runs to be very useful . I noticed a bit of lag though - maybe a second or two. It could be just my phone though so the lag may not be present on other phones. BTW - this is an android app.

I also like that you can save the session. It saves basic information such as min and max speed, date and time, distance traveled and overall elapsed time from beginning to end. So it’s potentially usefully when you’re trying to get real world data about your boards performance and compare what you actually get when you, let’s say, cruise around vs man handle your equipment on the same route.

I’ll be definitely using this app every now and then. My second build is waiting for a new belt because I abused it the other day effed up the belt. Now I’m running on anew old slightly loose belt that starts slipping at 12kmh. I can’t wait for the first speed run…


PS. You also get a map of the route you ridden which is great!

edit Here´s the link to the app: Voice Speedometer