VOLOKNO fiberglass enclosures

Hi guys! I have a couple of nice fiberglass enclosures for sale here.

12S4P universal enclosure


External - 68x22,5cm (26.7x8,8inch)

Inside - 62x16cm (24,4x6,3inch)

Minimal depth - 28mm (1,1inch)

Concave - about 13mm (0,5inch)

Price - 70$ incl worldwide shipping with tracking number

IMG_20190518_1710451 IMG_20190518_1714441 IMG_20190518_1716461 IMG_20190416_194354

Trampa HS11 / Holypro 10S5P flexible

Minimal depth - 28mm (1,1inch)

Price - 115$ incl worldwide shipping with tracking number

IMG_20190606_152304 IMG_20190606_152445 IMG_20190606_152501 IMG_20190606_152543 IMG_20190607_153237 IMG_20190607_153320 1 IMG_20190612_154913

Big Box


External - 63.5x23,5cm (24.8x9,05inch)

Inside - 59x18cm (23,2x7,08inch)

Minimal depth - 44mm (1,73inch)

Concave - about 13mm (0,5inch)

Price - 85$ incl worldwide shipping with tracking number

IMG_20190720_194437 IMG_20190720_194516 IMG_20190720_194621 IMG_20190720_194652 IMG_20190720_194835 Battery PCB

Price - 3.15$/pc

AirBrush_20190513154756 AirBrush_20190514202206


Nice! You better post on the new forum too. More chances to sell them quickly.


What are the battery PCB for?

Cell fusing or just modulatry.

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@eLDoska If you could make a 12S5P enclosure, you got a buyer here

for trampa? or regular longboard?

eboosted killer? lol

For the universal 12s4p can you ship to Poland?

no. just another alternative :slight_smile:


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Regular longboard

And shipping is included in the price?

Same as you can find on Eskating.com (https://eskating.eu/product/abs-enclosure-38x165x530mm/?v=928568b84963), but fiber glass would be perfect

yes, its incuded

ok, i will check it and give you an answer a little bit later

Ah, thanks!

Will the 12s4p enclsoure fit the hummie deck for a double stack 12s6p ?

probably - yes. according to hummies post - the hole is 140mm wide by 590 by 15mm deep https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/hummie-deck-new-wood-carbon-decks-group-buy-round-4-125-shipped-us/43245?u=eldoska for double stack you need about 34-38mm total depth. hole depth + enclosure depth = 43mm total depth.

Pm about the enclsoure

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Just paid. I think itll look good with the hummie deck

Hello there, any news regarding that 12s5p enclosure ?

info in pm