Voltmeter Quality

Does this seem like a decent Voltmeter?

If not do any of you have any recommendations?

Looks like a better option than any liquid crystal design…I killed one through vibration it was so delicate…any LED meter should be more robust than what I tried…

I don’t think this can be used on 10S unless you have a separate battery to power it. I could be wrong, it’s hard to understand exactly what they mean.

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It means that If you connect it to a higher voltage then rated(32v) it will probably burn. Since he wants to get indication about his main battery a separate battery will do no good.

Dang I didn’t even see that. So if im using 10s i need one rated for max power over 42v?

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Yea, search for a meter that doesn’t need any external supply, that can take the 42V.

About the quality. All of those cheap chinese meters are hit or miss. Usually they work ok and are accurate enough for most things.

And by the way, if you happen to be using (dual)VESC, just get a bluetooth adapter and use ackmaniac’s firmware to get voltage reading on your cell phone.

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Hi, I have some voltage meters to sell. They are good since you can program them based on the battery set up, plus you can set the display light time, battery Volt and battery %. I sell them for 7 Euro. Shipping inside EU is 3.90 Euro, rest of the world 4.50 Euro.

Ciao ciao

I think what they mean is that the power for the voltmeter must be under 32V but you can measure a different pack that’s up to 100V

what is the max voltage for these? I like that it has both % and V.

Edit- its 70 I see that now. Have you sold many? Anybody having any issues with them?

It’s 70V. I got more for me and my friend and now I have some to sell. I use it on my board and it works fine. You just need to connect it to the positive and negative and that’s it.

They offer the same design/case for 10s. Be aware that they are not waterproof.

Yup, didn’t read it right.

As per @Duffman get a coulomb meter, just select volts/amperes to suit… (scroll to bottom)

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I had really good luck with this one, but it’s more expensive than what you listed. Very durable.


Hey I bought the same one on aliexpress and received it today but I cannot make sense of the instructions. Care to translate?. Switch is the right button right? nothing happens when I hold it and power it on.


1. Press and hold switch on the product, power on, automatically select the interface (please follow as the 
code corresponds blow).

whoa sounds dangerous…

2. Select your battery type after corresponding, for example 3 series lithium battery, you need to enter the 
selection screen, press the key point to for L3 interface, then off, re-energized, choose success, such as the 
need to set 12V lead-acid batteries, the key point press to P12V interface, power, re-energized, both   
choose success.

Lol I’m all for choosing success :slight_smile:

3. Instruments can be used if you Select successful.  Meter shows the power interface, tap switch, switch to 
voltage interface, click the switch, turn off the meter. cycle shown as the code corresponds.

Code: Suitable for
L3: 3 string lithium
L4: 4 string lithium
L5: 5 string lithium
L6: 6 string lithium
°°° and so on to 14S

P12V: 12V lead-acid
P24V: 24V lead-acid
P36V: 36V lead-acid
P48V: 48V lead-acid

Special Function Setting (requires electric iron, you must power off setting, electric iron must be grounded):
     A point connection, the backlight will be automatically shut down if delay 10 seconds , the voltage 
    fluctuation will automatic wake-up exceeds 0.3V / 0.5 seconds.


    B point connection, lithium choose 3-4.1V curve (lithium professionals).

lithium professional sounds like a nice carreer path.

I have different instruction, I sent you a pm.

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