VOTE! Quick Swappable or Big Battery Packs?

I’m curious to know what kind of battery packs you would prefer.

Small Quick Swappable - 10S2P, 12S2P, etc. Big Battery Packs - 12S3P, 10S4P, 12S4P, etc.

  • Quick Swappable Battery Packs - 10S2P, 12S2P
  • Big Battery Packs - 12S3P, 10S4P, 12S4P

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On paper, I would say a swappable battery pack will win every time, because with modularity, you can simply bring whatever extra battery packs you want, to go the distance you need. Evolve got this right with their wheels and seems to benefit immensely.

I’ve got to say that I won’t be finishing my board until this weekend though, so I can’t say from experience.

Forgot to add but… the weight difference for a quick swap versus a big battery pack.

Small Quick Swappable - 10S2P, 12S2P, etc. (12-15lb board) Big Battery Packs - 12S3P, 10S4P, 12S4P, etc. (15-20lb board)

Quick Swappable Batteries because

Easy to replace. Swappable. Easier to manufacture. You can have as many batteries as you need so you don’t have to always carry around a heavy board.

easier to put on a flexy deck without split pack voodoo magic

I would of thought people would prefer swappable but looks like big packs are winning.


@torqueboards It’s bc quick swap is wayyyyy more expensive… while the best want functionality, the realistic know money is always a factor

@anorak234 - True… Bigger pack is always slightly cheaper.

In what context? For a complete or DIY packs?

@NickTheDude - Both.

But also you have to keep in mind that some people don’t only want small packs for “quick and swappable” but because they might have a smaller deck, might not need the extra range, want a lighter pack, cheaper too, and smaller in size too.

I vote big packs because weight isn’t an issue for me, I don’t need a super light skateboard. May as well add an extra 2 pounds for double the range. Also voltage sag is real with small packs, potentially less cycle life


What about about a larger pack made of several smaller quick swappable packs. ie. two packs of 5s4p that get connected in series. Could even go as far as making each pack small enough to be able to remove and carry on a plane. ie packs of 2s4p

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Yeah, that’s definitely an issue.

Actually none of them…A properly made modular battery would be heaven on earth.

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What do you mean? What battery are you talking about as far as configuration and specs?

For example 10s4p battery that you could aswell use as 10s2p , something like that would be dream come true:

I’d like stackable 12S1P 100whr packs that would allow me to add parallel packs to suit the range needed for a ride while also allowing me to take the individual packs onto a plane.

And i would like to know wich >18650< cell, can put out enough amps to run safely in a 10s/2p setup?

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I would use these