Vote your favorite Carbon Fiber Deck with Integrated Enclosure

yea, I think that would be quite a hit! :sunglasses:

If I could forge my dreamboard, it would be very close to the vanguard from a flex/dimension pov, but ful topmount without bottlenose for spray/goo protection. I really like LONGboards - the further I can stand away from the trucks, the better it is for my knees! :slight_smile:

@Jinra @LEVer - Working on a 32" CF Deck. Until I have more “work space” 41" was way too big to store inventory. Hopefully shouldn’t be too long though.

Tried to go smaller 28" doable but I wanted to stick with a 10s3p or 12s2p. I think 32" is a good medium.

Hope to have it a bit before Christmas. This is just a prototype so some things might change from the drawing.

@MasterCho - Nice work. More CF Decks would be awesome :slight_smile: I wonder how many people would be interested in a $400 deck. Eventually, I’m sure. There will be many more options for decks as traditional longboards.


It would also be awesome to have a deck for integrated 12S3P 26650 cells. That can give you 15 Ah which would be a long range deck. And because of the length of a 12S it might be a bit more flexible than other CF boards. But maybe i am the only one who would like that.

Be sure to offer some freebord type bindings as an option. :wink: Or maybe someone like @mastercho could design some light CF bindings, like the one @whitepony did. Those were dope.

Design A looks awesome. I would definately have one, if you managed to create the battery compartment intergrated into the deck aswell

Your design looks pretty amazing! That said, having riden CF decks for the better part of the decade, I can tell you that pure carbon fiber boards are a poor choice for skateboards. One of my composite decks is 100% carbon fiber and foamcore; while it is incredibly strong and responsive, it transmits all of the road vibrations, and your feet are literally numb after riding. And this is with shock risers and plush wheels. This was a ~$350 deck… and now it basically just sits in the corner.

Compare this to a board I ride every day… Rayne Demonseed Deelite. It has carbon fiber stringers with fiberglass plies laid over a wood/bamboo frame with foamcore. It is light and strong, but still has great vibration dampening characteristics. My point here is that it is not as simple as “carbon fiber all the things!!!”

Carbon fiber is a high strength, high modulus (stiffness) material. Using a flexible resin doesn’t change these inherent properties. You’d be better off incorporating other fabrics, such as fiberglass and kevlar, which have high strengths but lower modulus.


I like Design A. For such a great deck i would def. pay over 400$ (tbh. i have already paid way more per piece on non electric decks)

YES! design A with a little flexible resin layering with integrated enclosure perhaps segmented, maybe a micro-dropthrough for footlock is a buy for me.

Haha, @LEVer is correct, I would go for a Jet Potato CF integrated enclosure, though with CF Freebord!

Nice @torqueboards would be great to see that available in the near term, please keep me in the loop on completion!

I agree, the Carbon Fibre decks do look awesome, but yes the properties of carbon fibre don’t necessarily make it the best for riding.

This video might explain a bit more about each of the material’s characteristics:

I would be interested in a Basalt fibre deck with integrated enclosure if it were available… It would look (more) like carbon, but would have properties closer to S-glass.


If this approach were taken, and depending on the how much flex the designer wanted, the battery enclosure may need to be reinforced to combat longitudinal and torsional flex. This could be done possibly by including strategically placing narrow tubes of carbon fibre, or 90 degree aluminium angle around the enclosure to maintain rigidity.


The beauty about layering up is that you can vary the strength/stiffness in different areas with no limit.

There are so many materials including carbon fiber with different weaves and directions that you can use to create any shape,flex, and stiffness.

It could be labor intensive process depends on how much thoughts and designs you put into it.

+1 for design “A”. Design it so commercially available batteries will fit + electronics. A choice of flexibility would be nice.

Design C. Jet Potato 29" inspired.


Awesome, build it so I can buy it!

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Number 3 is my favourite

Yes. I agree. The compact deck sounds good to start.

Any ideas to swap the battery packs easier? Is the lid the only way to go with the thumb screws?


Why not have a lid with a rubber gasket that attaches to a lip on the edge of the enclosure area; similar to a tupperware lid. This will make it easy to remove, yet also waterproof. Not sure how easy this would be to implement though.

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