Vruzend 10s3p flexi pack advice or concerns?

Hey all!! I have been reviving an old meepo board that I brought with me when moving to EU and I have been on the hunt for a battery. However I could not seem to find something slim and flexible that would be at all affordable. So I built one using the vruzend 2.1 kit since soldering seemed a iffy and I didn’t want to get a spot welder for 1 or maybe 2 projects. So I come to you to see if there is anything I am over looking with my pack build or somethibg maybe someone has experienced when using vruzend.

My pack specs: 10s3p 30q cells 20amp bms (just bought 80amp bestech but that is for another build later on) Total max load @42volts ~14amps 4.6amps per cell

Pics show battery now before I put any heatshrink

Let me know what I’m doing wrong, better safe than sorry


Well Just bench test it hard see if anything heats up I don’t really trust that kit personaly.

And if any of your balance wires cross each other and make metal to metal contact that = short so beware.

It’s hard to give you advice when you’re the one holding the weird cards.

so all I’m saying is test hard and electronically insulate well.

Looks good to me your hooking this up to a bms right?

looks good, but I would check the voltages and see if the kit is good. Usually a spot welder is used and is more reliable, but these can work. I’ve seen people use these.