Vruzend 2.1 Battery Kit Configuration for 6S5P Battery

Hello guys! I built my first ESK8 a year ago with a standard 6S 5500 mAh LiPo battery, 400KV Motor, and a cheap Banggood ESC (it’s shit ik…xD)

And now as the battery is almost drained, i wanna upgrade the battery with a selfmade 6S5P batterypack using the Vruzend 2.1 Battery Build Kit! The idea, to use that, is cuz when i build a completely new ESK8, then i can reuse the cells for a bigger pack, like a 10S3P or add more cells (depends on how much energy used)

My next build will defo be a dual motor setup with with lower KV (like 170-260KV) to get more torque with a fitting battery (10S or even 12S) and ofcourse a dual VESC/Focbox…

but for now, i just wanna upgrade the battery!

So i made this simple schematic, on how i would wire the battery with the BMS.

BMS: https://www.ebay.com/itm/6S-BMS-250A-60A-PCB-Protection-Board-Li-Ion-Battery-E-Bike-E-Fahrrad-24V-3-7V-4/254643651747?hash=item3b49f1c4a3:g:aw0AAOSw4PNfX0Vq

Cells: https://eu.nkon.nl/samsung-inr-18650-30q-3000mah.html

Vruzend 2.1 Kit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Vruzend-V2-1-DIY-Solderless-18650-Battery-Holder-No-Spot-Weld-Colour-Coded-/323873942375

It would be cool, if someone could say, that this is a good plan or not!

thank’s you for the answers! Cells will arrive this week!

What is the estimated cost of building this battery? Do you already have all the tools?

Round about ~200 bucks, yes i have all the tools that i need for that.

Your charge port on the ESC doesn’t seem right to me, Ask your BMS supplier for a wiring diagram, that is normally the easiest method to ensure the wiring is done properly.

Also, Check here for more info,


This is the wiring diagram from the BMS Supplier

So in the last few days, i assembled my batterpack succesfully! Now the Carbon fibre / glassfibre enclosure is making it’s Progress…(i’ll post pic’s when finished…)

But as you see, i’m still using the cheap banggood ESC, and i think it would be a great improvement to buy a single VESC!

I’m considering buying the VESC 4.12 + VX1 remote from flipsky! How Long does the shipping take, or at there better / faster options to get a VESC in Europe?