VTC6 3000mah 30A for mountainboard?

So im sourcing parts for my mountainboard build, im planning to make a 12s5p NESE setup out of sony vtc6 cells https://www.nkon.nl/sony-us18650vtc6.html

Im not sure if this setup would be suitable for an E-MTB advice is welcome!

Vtc6 are superb cells. Right now i advise vtc5a. Price/performance/temperature is great


But less range right?

Right, but 5p is anyway a bit less for a good mtb. 6p vtc5a gives you 20-25km, 7p 25-30km sure depends all on your riding style, but to have some numbers it’s a good point to start at.


6p vtc5 sounds good in that case, thanks!

The vtc5 has less heat issues at 25a than the vtc5a. The 5a is not a true 35a cell, its 30a max

Are you sure you haven’t got that the wrong way round? I always thought the “A” versions were better. Obviously, none of them is a true 35A cell. Closest is probably VTC4A.

Unless you pull tons of current, 30q is probably a better price/performance ratio.

If you’re pulling tons of amps, VTC5A can be had for surprisingly right now.

VTC5A will likely have similar capacity as VTC6 if you’re pulling a lot of amps.

There are also some questions floating around the internet about VTC6 longevity. To be fair I was never able to nail this claim down.

What about vtc5a vs 30q?

25A 2.6Ah to 20A 3Ah cells. So a bit less sag with vtc5a but as well less range than the 30w

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Sanyo 20700B, just 15A but more than enough if you go 5 or 6p. Liitokala if you want to go cheaper :wink:

Litokala has been known to sell fake cells.

Or maybe grab a 12s5p if 40T cells, although that is expensive…

They are making vtc6 clones i guess but they sell a 21700 cell as their own brand with 4000mah. This is a good cell for reasonable price

they sell a lot of fake 18650s, what ever brand of cell 30q, vtc5, vtc5, LG HG2 etc. I bought some LG HG2 and they as well up to the capacity they should have, but you can see on the cells that those not orignial, so how can I know how much discharge they really can handle. Same with the 21700 cells. just because the capacity is how stated, it doesn´t mean that they can really discharge what the specs say. So in fact you would need to make your own discharge test to find that out. The problem with Litokala is also that you can never be sure if they ship you the same cells like the last order. It´s kind a common for chinese companies to send first true spec cells as samples or small orders and as soon as you than place your main order they sent you fake cells.

You can be lucky or not. Just think its not worth the risk spending 200+ $ in the end for nothing.

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You re right. The making copys of the most 18650s. From all tests i have seen they hold up very well.

I have testet the 21700 for discharge. It can do 15 to 20A. They name this 40A but state in the discription 4 or 5C which is in the real range.

I have a 12s6p, cells from different shops on aliexpress. They are perfect for mtb, loads of range and for me little sag. They don‘t drift inside the pack so all are the same. Can just recommend them!