VX1 remote upgrade for raptor 2.1?

Hi just wondering if anyone knows how to change out the nano x remote on a raptor 2.1 for another type of remote being the flipsky vx1 or any other recommendations? my dog has crunched my remote and trying to find another nano x is not an easy task, plus its a crap remote on the best of days. Is this a straight forward task or fairly complex? is it easy to swap out the receiver? i’m not a DIY builder at all so hoping someone could shed some light? Coming into summer here in NZ and having no board is rough, any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks!


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The VX1 is pretty much plug and play. swap out receivers and should be good to go. If you want voltage indication on it you’ll have to solder one wire to the positive wire on your unity. but that’s completely optional.

Test everything with the board open. glue everything back locked in place after the swap with hotglue and close up the enclosure again

Ok is it the vesc4 option i should buy? Thanks for the help.

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yes, depending on where you get it. mine has both (vesc4 and 6 connectors). there also might be a UART receiver version. you need the PPM one. But worst case you can still use the UART. PPM is more commonly labeled as trustworthy

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No worries i have ordered one thanks.

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Hi i have got the new remote, trying to figure out which pins to plug the new receiver too,

any ideas?

What’s the problem with it?

Which of the 6 pins on the new receiver do you plug the existing 3 pin plug into? The existing receiver isnt labelled and the diagram makes no sense to me. Just dont want to fry anything?

There should have been a cable with the remote

You won’t fry it.

Just found those. Do you have to cut and join the wires or try open up the unity ?

2 options:


Use original supplied cable connected to your old receiver. Make sure it correlates with the PPM connection for VESC in your manual. (connector white,red,black --> Signal,5v,Negative. Afterwards calibrate the PPM signal with the remote on MAX settings so you don’t street your face. (Remote has 3 modes, green, orange and red, where red means Full signal)

  1. UART

That cable is a UART version. so the white JST part should go to your UART port on the unity. and the black connector according to your manual on the receiver part, and For Uart control mode needs to be switched from PPM to UART and no remote calibration necessary

optional, solder the blue one on the unity positive wire for battery inidication on the remote. connect to the V terminal on the receiver

Plug it into the only one that fits on your esc. Run vesc tool. :call_me_hand:

Perfect explanation thank you :grinning:, used original cable onto those pins and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot :pray: