Waiting for parts support group

I’ve been waiting for parts since July!

It’s mostly my fault because I returned my Carvon 2.0 hubs to be upgraded to v2.5. I also ordered the brand new 12S1P A123 26650 battery from DIYElectricSkateboard and they are still being tested.

Anyone else going through something similar?


Ohh that stinks. I feel for you.

Waiting on a bag of XT-60 connectors so I can hook up the VESC that finally arrived. Always waiting for something.

I’m waiting for my Samsung 18650s from Gear Best. I have everything else waiting to go. All I need to do is build my battery pack.

I’m waiting for my third VESC to arrive… both of the ones before that broke. I haven’t been able to ride my board more than a mile since I “finished” the build in July…

Where did you get your VESCs from?

Enertion. With the platinum warrantee though, so I think I’m pretty much guaranteed to have another replacement should this next one fail on me.

I’m waiting on EL wire at the moment. Apparently i suck at EL wire and keep breaking things or burning them up.


Have you seen EL paint? This would be awesome under some clear griptape.

i have heard of it, and have read a lot about it and have seen it in action. It is pretty amazing stuff and i’d love to experiment with it some day. It may even be a better solution to what i’m doing with the wire at the moment, but for now i’m kind of vested in the wire.

I’ve been waiting for the ever elusive enclosure for my DIyelectricskateboard 12s3p. I’ve had the pack for 2 months now +/- and haven’t used it yet :confused: I refuse to use an unprotected lipo or li-ion battery. Thankfully I have some sweet nanotechs for my 43" v-hull that have kept me going. I picked up a Psychotiller enclosure to use for them. In hindsight I should have bought his enclosure meant for Diy’s components too. Might just do it anyway as one week rolls into another. Winter is coming!!!

Why not get Carvons 12s1p?? Pretty sure he has them in Stock.