WalletWarmer | 245kv or 192kv SK3 | Enertion Standard VESC | Torqueboards motor mount | No idea yet on battery(ies) | Arbor Axis Toa 2014

Hey guys so I’m new to the whole DIY e board scene and find it extremely interesting. I’ve been wanting an e board since I first saw boosted and z board and now that I know I can build one better and cheaper, I’m 100% on board!

Based on some lurking and talking with some other users I’ve come up with the following build.

I’m deciding between a 245kv 6364 or a 192kv 6374 for motors

The enertion standard vesc seems pretty good, maybe you guys can tell me why I would go with something like an Ollin instead

I think I’m gonna go with Torqueboard’s motor mount and one Caliber II truck( one because I already have a set on my longboard but if two is recommended that works)

Batteries…I’m at a bit of a loss, I’d love to buy a space cell or something prebuilt but I’m pretty tight on money right now and It also seems fun/cool to diy a bat pack(looking for any suggestions or links to tutorials on that)

This is a link to my current deck, don’t have the same wheels [ https://www.daddiesboardshop.com/arbor-axis-koa-longboard-skateboard-complete ]

Looking forward to any responses and I’m super pumped to finally have an e board of my own.

Hi Camwar,

Curious, why you didn’t consider our VESCs. Our VESCs are high quality and we double check each VESC before it’s shipped out. Although, we are pretty backordered atm.

I also have an Arbor Axis deck. Great deck besides the grip tape as it is applied it definitely gets bad fast. The Arbor axis is quite flexy but not as much as a Loaded Vanguard. Good luck on your build :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the response! I’d definitely be willing to use one of your VESCs, could you explain to me why yours are better?

And yeah, I like it a lot except for the grip, might replace it at some point

I am running a group buy for 6374 motors. $72 and I will have then in hand in 1 week. To you after that, let me know if you are interested. The bigger the motor the more power / top speed.