WALNUTT SPECTRA - 3d posture control system

19.4 in LENGTH

12 lbs WEIGHT

~ 15.5 mph TOP SPEED

~ 12.4 miles RANGE

3D Posture Sensing Module With a series of sensors, an integrated gyroscope and differential speed motor control that belongs in an electric car, anyone can learn to ride the SPECTRA in under 5 minutes, even you!

Driving System Powered by 3.1” motors integrated into the wheels, SPECTRA has the ability to ride up to a 15 degree incline and then recharge on the way down.

Instant Brakes SPECTRA is the only top tier electric skateboard that activates its braking system when it senses something is wrong. Saving you from embarrassment and physical harm.



These hubs are really nice and climb some decent hills

What hubs are they using?

They made them unmet the CEO a few months ago when riding and he let me tests it out then offered to let me be an alpha tester

Not sure I could ride a board that short.

:joy::joy:the thing is tiny and the the weight sensing isn’t something you would commute with but they have a phone app u can control it with too

I have a Spectra Pro and something is wrong with it as it goes a max of 4mph! Being in UK they aren’t able to help for months so I was wondering if anyone may be able to help me fix the problem?

Very few spectra out there so hard to tell. Could you be more specific with your issue ?

Basically the sensors just dont really speed up more than 3-4mph and when I use remote control even on pro mode it occasionally gets to 8/9mph. Im not a heavy guy so its not weight related…just feels like the power isn’t getting to the motors and if it is, although I cant hear anything, the feeling is that something may not be catching and therefore not getting full force. Sorry for the strange explanation but Im not knowledgable at all in this field

do all 4 wheels usually spin?

If you can somewhat open the board check for loose connections etc. Then check for voltage of battery. Then it should be ESC related if nothing is wrong with connections

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If I am not on yes I think they do…but only unto 3mph

sadly I have no idea what Id be doing so I wouldn’t want to take the risk of damaging it further

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My guess would be that the battery can’t pull out enough amps for the 4 motors

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can you please check how many are spinning? just flip it over and give it some gas

The posture control is worthless tough too

Just looked at my video and only the front ones are spinning

Anybody here in UK have any knowledge on fixing my PRO?

I have one , is ok .