WAND + Flipsky FSESC

Hey Guys,

I have a VX2 which, like everyone else, I can neither calibrate, nor set control mode or throttle curves via the VESC tool. I am using a Daul Flipsky FSESC6.6 mini.

Has anyone used the TRAMPA WAND with a Fipsky VESC6.6 and was able set the control mode (current, current no reverse, duty cycle…etc) and throttle curves?

the flipsky mini actually has some issues and are somewhat defective. I can’t say this myself since some are lucky with the esc itself.

But if trampa is using a 2.4Gz receiver, you should be able to use it and set it. Its mainly the esc itself whether you can or not. I got myself a maker x esc so I can’t say for certain on my end.

Thank you. I just got myself a vx1 so we’ll see. Flipsky says the VX2 is not intended to be calibrated with the VESC tool cause it has its own native calibration functionality