Wanna go slow - motor recommendation?

First post, just joined. Doing my first build. I’m not so young any more, used to pole vault, play rugby, build and race drag cars, and firefighter/hazmat…now I fly planes for fun. But I know this old body couldn’t handle a 20-25 mph spill without some serious damage (at least worst than some of you youngins). Gotta slow down sometime. Looking to aim for 15 mph top speed, just to lessen the odds that I’ll just “test” the top end…I know myself too well.

I have a 36” board, 16/36 gears arrived this weekend, and 90mm wheels coming this week. I figured I should just run a 6S2P battery pack (happy to hear opinions). Going to start with an ESC rather than VESC.

I weigh about 140 lbs/62kg. Maybe 1-2 hills around here. Ground clearance should not be an issue, and I’ll run one motor only. So motor dimensions are not a factor. What motor should I be aiming for? All the online calcs don’t seem to favor the 6S2P setup for amps on the various motors I try to plug in.

Have not ordered batt, ESC yet…thinking maybe I should also order a smaller motor pulley.

You’ll want a little more than 6s2p power wise (I know your not looking for crazy power but still) and range wise (I’m assuming you using 18650s) I’d say a race star motor would be good and cheap and you can get them in 200 kv but any 190 kv ish motor with 6s and your gearing will get you 16 ish mph

Go for a 170kv motor or lower, even 140kv if speed is not important. Lots of torque and will be good for a single drive.


Racestar 5065 140kv is something I think worth the time you look into.

Cheap, reliable (for my buddy at least) decent amount of torque.

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Honestly if you are worried about falling a vesc based esc might be a better option. The reason they are the best isn’t for power/speed but smooth responsive acceleration/brakes that you can tune to a comfortable region for yourself. Maybe also pick up a remote with a nice big throw for good control also.


That was my thought too at first but with 6s 140 kv 16/36 and 90mm wheels you only get 12 mph with 190 or 200 kv you get around 16 mph

Thank you all for your input. I’m doing a cheapskate build too. Will let you know how it turns out. I don’t know if I have the patience to wait for parts sourced overseas, so may pay the premium for in-country stock.

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The premium is for quality :wink: most of the time

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