Want passionate e-skater for a new project together

Got an idea to build a great project of branded e-skateboard: Super product, Super performance, Super Experience, for Super client.

We are ready with ready technology and know-how in product We are ready with matured of industrial supply chain and production

Need workming partner over around USA, to be qualified: 1, Super passionate in e-skateboard 2, Good in photo or video 3, Good in digital marketing 4, Love to share full-time or part-time in this project.

Partner will have good chance to benefit in term of money income, and life experience.

Let me know if this is an interesting idea! THANKS!

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Super product, Super performance, Super Experience, for Super client.

Please elaborate on all of the above. Who is your target customer? What type of existing boards does this compare to/compete with? How exactly?

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Snake Oil time, boys!


Lemme guess, it’s a ‘Super Premium’ product?

Or “new tech”?

It’s another China hub motor board.


@KELVINLEXGO Does it have 4 longboard wheels?


got any issue you want for a good long board. then for sure it got 4wheel.

New alex tech incoming ?


Super client?

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It sounds like it has 2 longboard wheels and 2 motors and is in the “lower end” of the price range. We’ve seen Meepo and Wowgo and Ownboard before, what does this have, that those do not have?

a very premium board, of super value. This is whatever we want to build.

Whatever you can expect from BOOSTED, you can make some imagination.

more than you can expect. you need a bigger heart to think about that

Super flexible deck, of bamboo with polycarbafil Belt motor 3:1 transmisstion, 900W each Panasonic or SAMSUNG battery, for 10miles range at least.

a lot of details that will be exposed in coming future.

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treat every user of your brand, as your SUPER CLIENT, and bring VALUE to them. This is whatever a brand should aim for. just keep that in mind, serve for USER, your SUPER CLIENT.

Seems like every board we already have seen and that we can already buy on alibaba or part it with diyeboard

wrong! belt motor with GATES belt.

think in different and open way. if you are going to alibaba for a DIY board, that means you are really somewhere behind for good product.

900w motor is underpowered

all right. I dont disagree with you, if you are talking some MOUNTAIN BOARD that can kill normal user maybe!

1800W motor DUAL, is quite powerful and awsome for most of rider, including those new rider and experienced rider for SAFTY.

we want to build a safe board for MOST riders