Want to buy 12s BesTech BMS

Hello, Looking for a 12s BesTech BMS 80a for Lipo. HCX-D223V1 Model. USA sellers please

If you’re interested in a little more customizability and features, @uigiroux is selling a diebieMS right now. It supports 12s and 80a discharge, and has a fuse :+1:


Are these are charge only?

Charge and discharge, but you can wire it for charge only/bypass discharge

@thisguyhere might have some http://www.esk8life.com

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Mine as discharge only, also i believe d223 is discontinued, replaced by d596

@JLabs has some bms’s

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Yeah. He’s out of stock for the 12s for a week or two. Guess I’m gonna have to wait

Still have my brand new DieBieBMS if your interested.

Does anyone know where I can buy a 12s battery pack that as a high discharge?? No idea why everybody is building only 36 volt 10S packs??

plenty of peeps around… i could help you but would probably take 6 weeks with ordering cells and delivery time… @thisguyhere probably has cells in stock, use search, he has plenty of threads advertising @torqueboards has packs ready to go if you dont need any special specs or configuration…

i like 12s for the extra voltage… but nothing bad with 10s if it 4p or larger IMO opinion but depends on each persons needs and available space