Want to buy a few parts US - 36T Flywheel pulley / 16T Motor Pulley / 6374 motor

Hey guys looking for some parts for a friends build. US

Parts needed:

  1. 36t wheel pulley (flywheel)
  2. 6374 motor
  3. 16t motor pulley

Let me know if you guys have something he can buy!

Which continent?


Ketchup \s

But in all seriousness, where are you?

California, US

@thisguyhere I think @joeadams101 is looking for used parts.

Sorry @joeadams101 I got nothing to sell except a single OG Enertion CF mount

@oriol360 (MiamiElectric) is selling a sensored 6374 for $109 TODAY with free shipping with FREESHIP coupon code https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/unsensored-electric-motor-6374


How much do you want for that motor mount? Ill take a look at that motor! Thankssss much

It’s a relic. Would do $50 shipped since Miami is selling it for 65.

Just realized free shipping is for orders $199+



Looking for motor, 6374 pref

Still looking for motor? I have two maytech 6374 230kv. Let me know if you’re interested.