Want to buy a pre-made board

So I put in an order for the Raptor 2 a while ago and still have no received it (no surprise there).

I worked out a deal with their support to get all of my money back in a certain situation and have been reading through the riders group on the other forum. The issues people are seeing are starting to worry me.

So here’s my thought process…If I can truly get all of my money back (around $1700) what other builder should I look at to get one made for me.

I’m still making my own board but I’d like to buy a pre-built one that is made by someone who does this and has been doing it for a while and produces some amazing quality boards.

I’ve been looking at some @longhairedboy boards but they are more than $1700…what other guys are putting out some awesome boards?!

(Edit: I am truly looking for something unique that I can’t just build myself. If I gotta spend more that $1700 that could happen if its worth it!)

Located in Ashburn, VA (right outside of Washington D.C.)

Thanks everyone!

checkout @psychotiller


What is your location?

beat me to it chris lol

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Ashburn, VA

Dude, go psychotiller for sure! Put it on a sweet @treenutter (Red Ember Boards) deck…

And proceed to wipe Raptor 2s off the road…


I’m debating just canceling the damn order and building more than one board.

I pretty much have all the parts to build my board now except some 3d printed stuff I need to knock out.

I bought the board hoping I’d get it before the summer was up because I was learning how to make one and wanted to take my time…but its been delay after delay and unexpected issues galore.

I’m just really worried that my money I spent on the Raptor 2 is just going down the drain and I should pull it quickly. I don’t want to be stuck with something crap that I assumed would be an amazing and reliable.

Aren’t they paying you $100 dollars a month every month it’s not delivered though? Pretty good deal if you ask me. Wait til whenever it’s delivered. Pocket the months cash back for however late it is, then sell it for the money you paid for it as a new raptor available immediately?

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That was another option there too! I may just wait on it, trade it in for the 2.1 later.

I just like having the warranty on it, at least until my building skills get up there and I know I can rely on my own made boards!

I live in the DC area. Just got my raptor 2 I ordered in September. Come to the next group ride in Arlington through the Meetup group and you can check it out. As much as I hated the wait this board is beast mode.

Building skills come from building, you can’t get your building skills up there without actually building something. For $1400. I have a sweet board that can kick raptor2 off the road any time and I had no skills when I started. Trust in yourself and this forum.


Thats a great point. @Itsmedant, I didn’t know shit about this stuff a year ago, and I have had a blast learning and building.

But beware the “false economy” !

Building your own bad ass beast is not cheaper, it actually costs a lot more if you don’t already have the tools and skills, but at the end you have both!

@mmaner once told me if he couldn’t ever ride again, he would keep building. I feel the same way. Maybe not for everyone, but for many of us here, the building and learning process is half the fun (if not more)!

For me right now, literally most of my satisfaction from this hobby stems from the building process. It really is a blast. A frustrating blast sometimes, but it is great to learn new things, new skills. I can’t tell you how many times the things I have learned from this endeavor have transferred to other facets of my life and work. So fucking cool!

Outside of that, buy a psychotiller custom, you will get the custom builders performance without the learning curve if you are just interested in riding.

To each their own!


Yea man!! I’ve bought pretty much everything I need to build my board, just have some 3d printing to do and my printer isn’t working very well! I have an enclosure coming from @psychotiller along with mounts for my new surfrodz.

I guess I’m just being impatient! I need to get my printer workin right so I can get the N.E.S.E. enclosures printed out!

If I was in a wheelchair today it would be the most badass wheelchair that could be built. :grin:


Sometimes i wish i could like posts more than once.


If your ever in a wheelchair, we will build you a badass wheelchair too :grin:


Well judging by the wheelbase of my current build, my chances have increased… knocks on wood :sweat_smile:

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@Itsmedant As I do not build full electric boards I do design custom longboards and skatesboards and would totally be up for doing a custom board for you. Here is my electric board that I did image

I had a drop down that is ready to be customized. I’m in Jersey so not to far to ship it to you.

As for full custom electric boards I don’t think you can go wrong with either @longhairedboy or @psychotiller. I have seen a bunch of their builds and they both build badass boards. But LHB did recently state he was stopping customs and doing his style of eboards.