WANT TO BUY: Evolve Rear and Front Trucks

Hey guys. Need some evolve trucks for my build. https://evolveskateboardsusa.com/collections/gt-carbon-parts/products/strut-gt-rear . Currently their sold out on evolve’s site. Rear and front trucks would be better, but rear trucks is a must. HMU!


I have front and back. Barely used them (less than 50 miles) before I changed them out.

A few predicaments - I’m out of country so I can’t send you pictures for maybe a week. I’m also living in Europe (Sweden) and my super-sleuth skills have pinned you down to US so shipping might kill the deal.

If you don’t get any other offers and you’re still looking in a week let me know and I can send you pictures at least and we can look at potential shipping costs.

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Thanks! I’ll let you know soon.


I’m very interested. How much for a shiplent to french ? Can i pay you via paypal ?


Check your PM