Want to buy Firefly remote [USA]

Hey everyone! I am starting my second build, and I want to make this one really special and unique. I want to keep the boosted board theme, therefore I was thinking @solidgeek 's firefly remote. I love the design and think the LCD screen is really cool. I really don’t trust myself to make my own because I don’t have the experience. Thanks, please offer in the comment section if you are willing to sell a complete one. I live in USA. Was going to buy last year when @SeeTheBridges had them for sale, but he is no longer accepting applications and I wasn’t trying to start my second build then.

Moved to WTB also it would be better if you would add your location… :slight_smile:


Fixed. Thanks!

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I have this… I payed $100 + shipping from USA. Just got to upload receiver just didn’t get around to it…15528068740433010047979649918364 comes with a spare receiver. Make me an offer

Oops yea I’m Australia